Plague of the Black Heart

Throwback Thursday


“What of tomorrow?” you may surely ask.
“And the day after that?” you may ask with more persistence.
“Where will we be?” you may stare accusingly, as if I had already done something.
“Will things be the same?” Your eyes beg for the affirmative answer.
“How long?” you may demand, interrogating me with your prying eyes.

— — —

“I’ll be here,” will be my immediate response.
“In your arms,” I’ll answer before you can finish.
“Together,” tightening my grip on your hand.
“Yes,” I reply, with a look in my eyes that fills the need in yours.
I nod, then turn away trying desperately to withhold my laughter.
“Forever,” I reply smiling.
We’ve been through this a thousand times before.
Your approval comes with the satisfied look in your eyes and I turn out the lights.

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