This is a list that I started that will likely be ever evolving.  I’ve always had these preconceived notions and self imposed limits that would stifle my creative motivation:

Can’t start writing after a certain time because then you won’t be able to turn your brain off to sleep (and yet stay up until stupid o’clock anyway doing non-productive and useless things on the iDiot(tm) device…I digress).  Can’t write with distractions.  Can’t do this, can’t do that.  Just to name a few, and generalize a couple others.

So I started this new list to replace the old broken one in my head.  A list of how to move forward and manifest the mindset necessary to create the things I can’t stop thinking about.   It’s totally going to be numbered and likely some swearing.  See rule number one as to why.

  1. Write for yourself as your audience first.  Do not write with an external audience in mind.  That can come later when editing and a lot more practice.
  2. Just freaking write.  Take time every day…15 minutes minimum…it worked before.  Posting and chatting doesn’t count as writing, as much as you’d like to include it in your word count.  Evolve the habit and then jump on the Magic Spreadsheet bandwagon.  You have a copy of the solo one OR get on the group one that’s on FB / Google Docs.
  3. Read more.  Why did you stop reading?  Was it because you found inspiration and voice and got scared?  Or were you worried that you were losing your non-existent voice?  Whatever the reason, it’s time to start again, it got the juices flowing.  It also made you believe you could do anything….so fracking DO IT .
  4. Write down ideas.  How many have you lost because you didn’t?  Sure, the big ones never leave your head, but the small ones can turn big too…or they could even find completion for a change.
  5. Don’t cling so hard to the big ideas you’ve had rattling around in your head for years.  They’re long term projects that come with practice and much more epic word count than you are capable of right now.
  6. Write short stories.  Don’t let the big ideas you have make you think you need to be a novelist right out of the gate.  Work towards that.  You have enough ideas for it, so why not give it a go?  A novel is basically a series of short stories tied together in a nice little common theme plot driven ribbon.  Time to break it down into smaller ones and run with the damned ball.

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