01/26 – Sitting at the library yesterday afternoon, I was reading an article on Outlining and Story Mapping in the latest Writer’s Digest.  I was just skimming the words and concept when suddenly I got hit with a brick in my face.  It was unbelievable.

Out of the blue, some part of me opened up and decided that it was time to be introduced to my main characters.  Fully formed.  Interpersonal relationships established.  I even know what they look like, how they communicate, how they deal with what’s going on around them, why they are the way they are….everything.

01/28 – Spent about 2 hours at the library tonight intent on setting the path for my story outline.  Starting with the prologue and then into the antagonists story to explain the world as it is now.

I pencilled in how I hoped to start it, but then got sidetracked by a scene that sort of materialized.  It’s an important one, in my estimation anyway, since it’s the first introduction to what the plague has wrought.  Kind of exciting to me since this whole massive idea has been living inside my head for an eternity like an amorphous blob, dying to take form.

So yeah, I’m pretty damned stoked.  This is so unreal to me after such a long time.