Force it.  Power through that whole staring off into space thing that you appear to have going on.

You know it’s in there.  Scrape around a little if you have to.  Get your damned hands dirty, this shit isn’t going to write itself.  It certainly hasn’t yet, anyway.

It really doesn’t matter what you write at this point.  You have already applied to ass to chair, the next logical step is to apply pen to paper.

Create your habit.  Use your time wisely.  Fill that fracking page.

Every word that you put down is another word that is no longer blocking the ones that you’ve been so eager to release.  Every word that you put down is another step forward.  It will create momentum.  It will create energy.  It will drive the change you’ve been so eager to create.

Embrace distraction.  It has its own energy, but do not let it own your time.  It all serves a purpose.  It’s there to free your thoughts for the story you want to tell.  The one you’re dying to tell.

Open your mind.

Open your miiiiiind.