“What of tomorrow?” you may surely ask.
“And the day after that?” you may ask with more persistence.
“Where will we be?” you may stare accusingly, as if I had already done something.
“Will things be the same?” Your eyes beg for the affirmative answer.
“How long?” you may demand, interrogating me with your prying eyes.

— — —

“I’ll be here,” will be my immediate response.
“In your arms,” I’ll answer before you can finish.
“Together,” tightening my grip on your hand.
“Yes,” I reply, with a look in my eyes that fills the need in yours.
I nod, then turn away trying desperately to withhold my laughter.
“Forever,” I reply smiling.
We’ve been through this a thousand times before.
Your approval comes with the satisfied look in your eyes and I turn out the lights.