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In the dark, my eyes play tricks. They think they are doing me a favor.  They believe that they are doing their job.  They do not understand that they are useless when there is an absence of light.  Instead, they fill my mind with pictures: a cacophony of what should be there and the ever

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My rules for writing.

This is a list that I started that will likely be ever evolving.  I’ve always had these preconceived notions and self imposed limits that would stifle my creative motivation: Can’t start writing after a certain time because then you won’t be able to turn your brain off to sleep (and yet stay up until stupid

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On My Advancing Age.

It’s a milestone I never believed I’d reach.  I always thought that I’d be gone by now.  Not sure why I felt that way, but it was the same as when I turned 30.  Now, all I can think is “shit, I’ll never make it to 50.  That’s way too old for stuff, way to

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