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My anger was welling up inside again. I knew I was seeing something that offended my sense of right. My anger was outrage, it was my call to arms and it demanded action. I opened myself to it, embraced it, and let it fill my entire being. Then I calmly spread my arms and jumped

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In the dark, my eyes play tricks. They think they are doing me a favor.  They believe that they are doing their job.  They do not understand that they are useless when there is an absence of light.  Instead, they fill my mind with pictures: a cacophony of what should be there and the ever

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Archetype Prime

What do you do when all hope is gone? Who do you turn to?

We were both riveted to the television. The headline at the bottom of the screen confirming our worst fears. Our planet’s protector and the most powerful hero on earth was dead.