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There are times in peoples lives When they’re adrift and they capsize And as the water throws them under The chaos makes ‘em wonder How they’ll gasp in their next breath Staring in the eyes of death A hand breaks down through that ocean Ignoring the commotion You focus on the prize And you help

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Throwback Thursday

Ritual “What of tomorrow?” you may surely ask. “And the day after that?” you may ask with more persistence. “Where will we be?” you may stare accusingly, as if I had already done something. “Will things be the same?” Your eyes beg for the affirmative answer. “How long?” you may demand, interrogating me with your

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I am the hammer I am the anvil My two aspects will form that which I wish to create. Tempered in the forge of my passion. Quenched in the waters of my vast imagination. My first creations will be flawed, for my mind will be too weak at first to strike with much force and

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