Whoah, OMG…hi.

This site is a culmination of at least 5 years of procrastination and the nano second it took for me to click invite people on a Facebook page that I created on December 23rd, 2012.

I apologize in advance for some of the language I use.  Granted, it’s all english, some of it is colorful and often meant to motivate me with great big stabby prodding owies instead of the little pins and needles other people find are enough on a day to day basis.

I’ve recently found myself with a surplus of time on my hands due to some restructuring at work.  In my mind, that means that now is as good a time as any to follow the path that I’ve wanted to walk since I was old enough to read.

Hi, my name is Ward Richardson and I have always wanted to be a writer of fictional people, places and happenings.

Wow, that sentence was surprisingly emotional for me.  Okay, now that I’ve come out of the stacks (the library? the inkwell?) to anyone who has chosen to follow the invite and subsequent link to this location….Welcome.

Please have a look around, comment, subscribe, call me batshit crazy…whichever you choose is fine with me.

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